Dental Care

Pet dental hygiene is essential for every animal at every life stage. 

Dental disease doesn’t just cause bad breath, it can result in the loss of teeth, cause significant damage to the kidneys, liver, heart and make eating painful. In addition to basic dental hygiene and routine dental care, our veterinarians are able to diagnose and treat dental and periodontal disease in your pets. Advanced periodontal disease can result in the need to extract teeth.

Our dental services include:

  • Routine dental cleaning with Ultrasonic Cleaner and Fluoride treatment
  • Sectioning the teeth
  • Advance extraction of teeth including Gingival flap extraction
  • Removing advanced oral masses
  • Repairing oral nasal fistulas
  • Gingivectomies
  • Removal of retained deciduous (baby) teeth
  • Trimming the teeth of rabbits and rodents to discourage dental disease

Through the use of our ultrasonic IM3 dental machine, your pet can feel better, have fresher breath, and have a longer life.